Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Passing of a FAMOUS company!

G'day Everyone.

Many people have been ROCKED in Rochester, NY today when the corner stone of the industry that been the foundation of Rochester for years could finally be on the edge to be cut and sold away.

Kodak is BANKRUPT!

Many people can't believe that it's going to pass away from this life since it was started in 1888 by George Eastman. Now, as we are in 2012, it could finally face a bitter end of it's life as a business because it can't work well with today's technology. Even though they tried, it was too many business mistakes that have put the company into the process of being sold.

Maybe George Eastman didn't expect his company would survive for more than 114 years. But maybe it's time has come end and be a part of Rochester's history. Whatever company takes over it's businesses and products, they won't have the same impact upon Rochester, but in today's economic waters of employment, thousands of people are going to be looking for work big time.

So, say good-bye to Eastman Kodak, you people of Rochester, NY! You still have Xerox and Paychex!

Until next post, I'll snap my last picture of Kodak *snap* for the memories.

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