Wednesday, January 18, 2012

India to train riders: Ride normal and safe!

G'day Everyone.

India has it's most problems with illegal train riders. Illegal train riders try to ride for FREE outside the train. But, they're the ones who gamble with their lives, whatever it be on the roof, the side, or the front of the train.

But now the railways of India are fighting back.

Link: No more free rides

As India combats the illegal riders and in hopes to reduce the train deaths from these illegal riders, it will have to face a major public education to end the acts of hobo riding.

Hobo riding is not new. Many people have done this for as long as the days when the train productions have started. But the act of putting your life in danger would be costing your mortal soul to a full loss.

So why do they do this in India? That is because many India people believe in reincarnations. But many people do not realize you don't come back to life here on this earth. You only get one opportunity to live on this earth. After that, you die.

But importantly this explains why: This was your life!

And here is why reincarnation is a lie: THE TRAP

So please understand me. Don't risk your life for any thing of a free ride on a train anywhere. It is better to pay for the ride and be safe. Even if you have to take the next ride.

Pray for India, my friends, so that they can become a better country.

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