Friday, January 27, 2012

I won't shop till it's ADA Approved!

G'day Everyone.

Another article appeared on deaf read and I just knew I had to pass this on to my readers here.

UFC Guard on Deaf Shopper

Some one is going to accidental kill someone one of the days by a security guard and when it happens, there's going to be serious outrage.

We, the deaf community, as well as the disabled/handicapped community ought to be outraged.

Tell me, what does it take for a security guard to UNDERSTAND that someone is deaf?

It may have to be time for the deaf community to call in the ADA lawyers and go to every store in California and SLAP these Forever 21 stores with a lawsuit so HARD, it'll make them re-consider hiring UFC wanna-be security people. Maybe Forever 21 should take serious considerations about the public relations about how their employees and the security is doing these days.

But you know this: It'll wind up in court. The police and national guard should have stepped in and taken the security guard out in handcuffs.

If you see a forever 21 store, Send them a letter and tell them "I won't shop until it's ADA approved!" and maybe every business out to realize that.

Even if my hearing is now back, I'm still legally deaf (hearing impaired). At the time I was fully deaf, I really did understand how it is to be living fully deaf and with out sound. I thank God I can hear some and help others.

But the next time a security guard decides to go UFC on one of my own deaf friends just because we missed a security alarm, I promise you this: I'll do my own UFC fighting in court on him!

Security guards, get a life. Yes there are bad ass hearing people out there. But should want to hurt a disabled person for any reason, you better hope GOD doesn't decide to make you PERMANENTLY disabled as a future punishment.


Thumpaflash said...

This is not a new one, it is a reposting of the incident that happened back in 2010. Still doesn't always make it right, just pointing that out to you that its not a new incident.

Sherlock Steve said...

whoops! Thanks for calling me on that. You did good. SALUTE!