Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Obama's Last State of the Union

G'day Everyone.

Tonight is the Traditional State of the Union. Tonight is the night that the President of the United States must speak to both houses of Congress and the Nation about how well we are doing and how we should be able to face this year of 2012 economically.
HOWEVER Obama has to convince everyone, that is all of the American voters, of WHY HE DESERVES A 2nd TERM.
Given the last 4 years of his political life from the Change promises to his current term, Obama needs to reflect back hard and careful of what he's done in his life as our Commander in Chief.

Tonight is Obama's greatest moment of his entire political life. He MUST show his democratic party of why he should remain being their political man and win the next election.

But when you look at how congress is so divided and how much the nation is leaning back to the republican party, it should give the democrats a lot of *PAUSE* and consider their fate. If the democratic party wants to win this year, they should consider Hillary as their champion (if she wants to win this year). OR any other leader that they are willing to put up against Obama.

On the Republican side? I'm not making determination yet of who I want. But ask me again when it gets down to 3 choices.

Tonight, we should all watch closely. Tonight, Obama must convince the nation with HIS OWN SPEECH, not his speech writer's stuff. If Obama doesn't convince us all, then come November, we shall remember, of who to vote, for that's all he wrote!

Until then, I'll give my own state of the union later.

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