Thursday, January 26, 2012

Remembering Paterno's memorial.

G'Evening Everyone.

Yes, today is the evening. The evening of Remembering the days of Joesph Vincent Paterno. To many people alike, he is called Joe Paterno. In short: JoePA.

Today was the memorial service for Joe Paterno as it became the final conclusion of his funeral. If you had a chance to see it on TV, you had to be moved.


But of all the words that were said, you could see it in the eyes of the mourning people. Some had words ready to speak at Sandusky as well as Sandusky's victims. Sandusky's victims should be careful who they target. Not just PSU and not just Paterno, but right at Jerry Sandusky alone. Jerry Sandusky shouldn't had show up at this service. Much less, Mike McQueary either. Both of them should have stayed away and watched TV like all the millions of Penn State Alumni and fans alike.

While everyone has praise Joe Paterno for helping in their lives, they know an impact has been made to leave his legacy for years to come.

But one of the greatest statements that his son ever spoke to his father?
Jay Paterno said to his father:

"You did all you could do. You've done enough. We all love you. You won. You can go home now," he said."

In sense it says it all: "You done the battle (the sandusky fall out). You tried to fight the greater war on your body (cancer). But in the end, you did what you had to do for everyone. Now it's our time to take up the reins you have given to us. We will continue the battle. We will honor your spirit. This is your victory that nobody can take from you. Not even the courts. Be at peace".

In the coming days, when Sandusky appears in court, the spirit of paterno will be against him and his victims. And should the court find paterno innocent and the authorities of PSU in trouble and Sandusky guilty, that should be all that needs to clear paterno.

Let's hope one good thing comes out of this: A warning of a message from God to McQueary and Sandusky, even if it's not written on the wall then it's there: tell the truth or else.

But until their own fate (McQueary and Sandusky) be decided, it was a day to honor Paterno. Until then the Nittany Lion has roared their mournful growls over the loss of the dominant Alpha male: Joe Paterno.

Bill O'Brien must learn to earn his lion stripes. But he also must learn to earn his respect too. It would be best if O'Brien learned from the Impact that Joe Paterno made. In time O'Brien could make a new impact and hopefully a better PSU season.

Thank you, JoePA for allowing me to sit in your sunlight. Fly free. It is my hope and dream you'll be young again and without the coke bottles. God bless and thank you.

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