Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Jerry Sandusky's fate in trouble

G'day Everyone.

Jerry Sandusky, the former assistant of the deceased PSU Head Coach Joe Paterno, knows his fate is in trouble.

Paterno was his witness and his friend that he had hoped that would bail him out at the coming summer 2012 trial. But now, his fate for freedom completely, is compounded by Paterno's death. Worse yet, he must face former assistant Mike McQueary and the victims.

Though McQueary is in doubt too. But if McQueary really saw of what Sandusky was doing in the shower with kids, why didn't he go to the police as well as the upper university people in proper positions to handle this? We don't know. Maybe Joe Paterno was in serious disbelief of what Sandusky was doing.

Right now, Sandusky has to face some long legal talks and risks to take. One thing he should NOT do is go to Joe Paterno's funeral. Nor any of the Penn State University administration should bother to show up there. Sandusky should really put his affairs in order and ask that he return his bail bond in order to report for jail. Not only would it bring protection for him but give him credit for time served.

However, Sandusky has to realize right now that he's the one who got Joe Paterno fired. He's also the one who killed Joe Paterno. Why do I say that? Because, Joe Paterno believed in only one job his whole life: He lived, breathed, worked, ate, slept, spoke for all his life about PSU Football. Joe Paterno walked the walk and talked the talk of how good PSU is. Joe Paterno may have been powerful, but he was still human. Sandusky has to realize that his crime forced PSU to terminate Joe Paterno because they believed that Joe Paterno was "contaminated" by Sandusky.

Joe didn't have the spirit to really live his retirement life. He watched Tom Bradley coach the last 4 games to a conclusion of a football season. It must have torn Joe's heart apart for his beloved PSU team.

It is interesting to say that Paul Bear Bryant died a month after he was fired. Joe Paterno passed away in 2 and a half months.

Sandusky has a troublesome fate now. No hope for him beyond 2012. The only thing he should do is lay low and quiet. Listen to his lawyer. If a prosecutor gives Sandusky a plea deal, Sandusky had better take it quickly, least if he's found GUILTY by a jury, penalty can be worse.

Until summer 2012, Sandusky, go sit in a small chapel and pray! Your fate is with God some day.

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