Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Jaw Drops: You gotta be kidding me!

G'day Everyone.

I thought I've seen every bit of lawsuits in this life on earth. Including victims going after the Drunk Driver who caused the accident (which is a normal thing).

Now something that comes right out of nowhere: A convicted drunk driver sues his victims.

Stunned? Pick up your jaw and read: Drunk Driver sues...

Now, if he can prove a shadow beyond a doubt that his dead victims that he hit caused the accident, and not himself, it would put the police and insurance agents into a major tailspin. Not to mention the courts too.

But, if there's a good sense judge that has a bad day in his court, he'll be smart enough to put the lawsuit into a choke hold and say NO, this can't pass! DUI convicted drivers and serving their time in prisons shouldn't have a chance to attack their victims. I do have a feeling that this will make it's way to the high court of our fair nation by 2014 to really rule on whatever rights the convicted drunk drivers really have against victims.

If this guy wins his case, it's going to be majorly clear that every bar in the USA will have to tell their customers this: ONE DRINK. THAT'S IT! Just to prevent drunk driving.

I really hope this drunk driver loses his case and gets re-sentenced to LIFE in prison. Suing his victims in hope of sharing his pain with them is a real bastard.

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