Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mississippi's Governor Pardons troubles.

G'day Everyone.

Governor Pardons. A precious piece of paper that is so valuable that every prisoner, present and past, have long awaited for the signature of a governor that tells the prisoner that the state has forgiven him of his crimes.

But what has happened down in the state of Mississippi has people really wondering how their former governor Barbour could write out some pardons to some very violent criminals right before he leaves office.

Barbour's pardons

Prison trustee programs is usually a program that trains prisoners for the coming life outside the prison walls. But in the recent days, state prisons and some FEDERAL prisons could be ending their trustee programs in an effort to protect the public at large.

Governors and presidents have been known to grant pardons before they leave political office. Some of them generate many controversies out there about the specific pardons. Right now a manhunt is underway to put 4 people back in the prison while others have been told to stay put where they are.

Of course, state legislature has a job to do to create a check and balances to make sure that both: The State Department of Corrections and the Governor are doing their job right.

Prison trustee programs go back a long way in our civilization of life. But not every prison, whatever it be federal or state, would have a trustee program.

The truth is, society has changed. The way people kill other people has become a drastic problem. Some of the deaths of victims have been so violent, that they should NOT be made eligible for the trustee programs.

In sense, prisons have to be careful of who they recommend for pardons by a governor or president.

But what former Governor Barbour has done may directly impact on other State/Federal prisons around the nation.

Let's hope common sense prevails. As for those on the run, I plead to them to turn themselves in before they ruin their chances of a pardon permanently.

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