Monday, January 16, 2012

Can Paterno forgive himself before he dies?

G'day everyone.

Football weekend:

The SF49ers move on after they Pick-axed the NE Saints to the death in their game.
NY Giants (as predicted) Melted and squashed the cheese of the Green Bay Packers.
Next weekend, it will be NY Giants vs SF 49ers. I believe the Giants will smash the 49ers with an ANTI-pick-axe defense.

The Baltimore Ravens pulled out the Alfred Hitchcock effect of "THE BIRDS" play and pecked the Houston Texans to bits before the Texans had a chance to brand the wings off the birds. Very good game.
Meanwhile, The New England Patriots had done their home work very well. They loaded up the guns so well, they SHOT and SHOT and wounded the Broncos through 3 quarters. It was the last shot the put the Broncos out of misery. But Tim Tebow lost his God miracle effects with a non-ability to stage a comeback. Any hope of that starting got SHOT down. But strangely, Tebow will be in a CBS sports chair even before his career is done! That is drawing fire from many former players at this point.
Be prepared to watch the Ravens flap hard against the NE Patriots. But Expect the Pats to do their homework on a solid A+ work in the game.

Also over the weekend, Joe Paterno appeared on CNN and lamenting that he wishes he could have done more but delegates the authority to those in control at the university. But Joe Paterno has his own complications of his health on the line. He may never be able come back and resume his football coaching job, even if a court finds him innocent and PSU guilty of firing him too fast before they had a chance to really understand things that were happening.

Penn State University needs to hit Sandusky so hard, it'll make him wish he had died long ago.
At this point, now is the time we must all pray and comfort Paterno. Tell him we forgive him and to forgive himself. God will have the final justice on Sandusky soon.

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