Monday, January 23, 2012

BREAKING NEWS! WBC to picket Joe Paterno's Funeral!

Update: Paterno's funeral plans. Please click on this story to understand what will happen this week in PA.

G'day Everyone!

HOLY CRAP IN HAPPY VALLEY! I'm not just swearing that for your pleasure today. But, I am mad as well at the antics of Westboro Baptist Church that are acting up again.

This time, they could get killed here in State College, PA.

A good friend of mine spied two articles worthy to post here and alert everyone:

Bleacher report Article and NBCsports site as viewed by Bleacher Reports

and direct from the sick site of the Westboro Baptist Church: Their plans to come here!

There is now a reason why some of my friends in State College have been told to be high alert in the coming days of the Funeral of Joe Paterno. There is fear and concern here that if WBC shows up, it is most likely that someone is going to bring out some LEGAL guns and shoot these WBC people to hell themselves.

Make no bones about it. I have to agree with the bleacher report, these people need to be arrested the moment they step out with their signs and banners and put into the darkest and dank jail cells possible. Not just for their own safety, but for common sanity of protection.

WBC could be heading into a very deadly show down that will impact upon our nation. So, rise up people of State college and Pennsylvania! Let's show Westboro Baptist Church that they are NOT welcome here. Head to state college. Fill every hotel, motel, and bed /breakfast places. Prevent WBC from camping here too.

WBC must be told that they are NOT doing God's plan or testimony. Of course, Joe Paterno was witnessed to long ago. We don't know when or where, but WBC must back off and stay away. For their own sake!

The people of PA and the students of Penn State University and the alumni of PSU will rise up and defend the paternos.

You want war, WBC? You'll get it, Physical and legal.

Just stay out of State College, PA!

Respect Joe Paterno.

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