Sunday, January 15, 2012

Broncos shot to death by the NE Patriots.

G'day Everyone.

Last night in NFL Play-off football:

The San Francisco 49ers took their pick-axe and threw it into the heart of the Vood00 chanting Saints and prevented them from uttering anything else. Final score.. SF49ers: 36 NO Saints: 32. The Saints had to limp home and wishing they never beat the other team this year in the Wild Cards. That's a good thing for them to do.

Meanwhile, the ever joyous and pass happy Tim Tebow and his Broncos had expected to find a win over the New England Patriots last night. Unfortunately, God was not with Tim Tebow and his teammates. Had the NFL ruled correctly a few days ago, The Broncos would not be there. Of course, God had the proper rule of the previous game's last play: Illegal set-up.

Tim Tebow lost himself and his testimony. The ranted, raved, cursed, and spat like a sinful man. There was no miracle come-backs. No long passes (only a rare few made it). Nothing was working.

The Patriots had done their homework while they rested. They knew exactly of what was coming. They got prepared. In the end, Tim Tebow and his Broncos got overpowered, sacked, hurried, and hurt like nothing they never expected.

In the very end, the very throw that Tim Tebow did on Pittsburgh Steelers in OT would come back to bite him in his very rump butt. Boy did it leave a mark.

At the first half game, Broncos were seriously wounded. But there were signs of a come-back.
But at the start of the 2nd half, they got "shot" again, this time mortally wounded.
Near the end of the 4th quarter, you'd see fights, bench clearings, and general chaos. At the end, the NE Patriots had no choice but to shoot the broncos out of the misery of the play-offs.

It was the answer that the Pittsburgh Steelers asked the New England Patriots to do: Beat them for us! The Patriots answered the call very well.

As the battered Broncos head back home after imploding in this game, Tim Tebow needs to do some serious reflection of his life and in his prayer. He needs to apology to Pittsburgh and his fans. He should tell his fans NOT to do any more tebowing, but to worship God instead.

Today, the Patriots will find out who they face next.

The games on hand: The Houston Texans will face the Baltimore Ravens in Baltimore, MD. I'd say be prepared for a scary game as the Ravens will break out "THE BIRDS" game and peck the Texans to death. Unless Texans have some red-hot irons ready to brand the ravens with the "HTX" mark, I'd wish them good luck.
I predict the Ravens to win 33-7.

Meanwhile, The New York Giants travel to the cold and snowy Green Bay Packers field in Wisconsin. This could be a very cold and messy game. Much worse than what's happened in Foxboro, Mass. Expect the cheese to be frozen solid and the Giants will take a swing of their CLUB and smash the packers to bits.
I predict Giants 56- Packers 3.

So until next post, stay warm!

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