Monday, January 23, 2012

The Passing of a Legend: Joe Paterno

Today's post is an opinion. Thank you.

G'day Everyone.

Maybe the first media reports did get it right that Joe Paterno died or was dying. But none the less, his death came a bitter blow at all of us.

Grief at PSU

As funeral preparations begins, there is no doubt that Paterno's passing does impact many people. Especially to those in the PSU Board of Trustees living their regret of mistakes and now fully knowing that they stole the ending script to paterno's career and used their own form of termination: the Donald Trump version of "Yer FIRED" because the BOTs wanted the final say.
But, not the final honor.

Now, the PSU Board of Trustees must move carefully in the wake of paterno's passing. Since they have already changed the entire PSU Football team, it will be the question now of how many people will be coming back to play for the new head coach O' Brian? That's going to be answered down the road in the future.

Presently, Joe's passing does leave in motion of the entire court in the prosecution of Jerry Sandusky. Jerry Sandusky should not have said anything at all because of what he's done.
The coming legal showdown leaves it with Sandusky, who should be in Jail, and Mike McQueary, who's testimony started everything. Will Sandusky be convicted or will he most likely kill himself to save his own "Legacy"?

To be honest, Sandusky and McQueary are the ones who destroyed Joe Paterno's life. Had McQueary really followed up with the State Police long ago, he would not have to be hiding now.

When Summer 2012 comes and the truth will be told, Joe Paterno may be fully vindicated. When he is, it will be the PSU's BOTs turn to blanch more and leave the university to better members who'll take care of PSU.

PSU's time has come and gone. How many will buy the clothes now? How many students will actually want to get an education at PSU? What happens beyond the trials into the fall 2012?

Time may heal all wounds. But harder to forgive and forget. Especially for Sandusky and McQueary.

But now is the time to lay Joe Paterno to rest. To rest in peace as he has lived. We'll all consider Joe Paterno a legend on campus. Sandusky and McQueary will be an asterisk * beside him.

Farewell, Joe Paterno. Now you get your wish: Eternally fight your old mentor, Paul Bear Bryant. Give him new lessons and make sure he never forgets either!

Until next post, God bless to all of us.

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