Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 now here!

G'day Everyone.

Welcome to 2012: the year of the political choice! It's going to be a major year for many people.
In Iowa, the competition is under way to see who would win the first round of voting.

Most companies are open today as people head back to work.
The Federal Government is on a holiday for today, then they come back to work tomorrow.
Obama has to be back in DC from his "vacation".
Congress has a laundry list of items to do and must get done.

Some colleges are open. Some are not. Some are about to start Spring semester.
Schools are open as classes full of kids that are bitching about not having one more day of winter vacation.

But for many of the unemployed people, it's another Monday to fight for a job.

Many people are starting their resolutions. Some are breaking them. How many of you are still hung over from the hang overs? Don't answer. Just get better.

Most of all, NYC is cleaning up from the NYE party. Always a mess as it is.

As it stands, we are in 2012 now. Don't worry if the year ends in 353 days. The Mayans are wrong at the most.

But our nation is in hopeful dreams that this year will be better times. Let us do hope they choose a better president.

Until then, may all your dreams become fulfilled.

Till next post, I'll clue you in later.

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