Tuesday, January 3, 2012

PSU put out of its misery in Football bowl game.

G'day Everyone.

Penn State University Nittany Lions football season came to it's demise at the hands of Houston University Cougars during a Ticketcity bowl game yesterday 30-14. The Cougars could have had a huge cat fight on their hands, only if PSU Lions were not so wounded to the death. As some would say that the Cougars SHOT PSU in the head to end the disastrous season that they have had. Even Coach Tom Bradley knows it's over.

As the team is back in (Happy) Sad Valley, it's future is in turmoil. No head coach yet. Justice about to begin for Sandusky as well. Expect the entire PSU Football Staff to start job searching hard now. They know their days are done here in Penn State.

Houston should take it easy right now. A wounded PSU is most likely to remember what Houston did and should the two teams ever meet again, Houston might well brace for some sharp claws and teeth against them one day. Chances are good that two teams will NEVER meet again.

Meanwhile, PSU had a gift that they should smile about. The Wisconsin Badgers couldn't beat the Oregon Ducks in the Rose Bowl game. Watching that game, PSU ought to cheer long and loud that the Badgers lost a tough game. It's a bitter sweet ending to the Football season, but watching a rival fall in a major game, (and many believe PSU should have been in it), makes it all sweeter. Congrats to the Oregon Ducks!!

In the Gator Bowl: The Florida Gators may smile to win their own bowl game, but if the Football Gods ever pit Florida to face Ohio State University again, Florida may well want to run for the locker room and head for home in forfeit. With Urban Meyer just becoming the Head Coach of Ohio State University, Urban Meyer may well make his next target next fall on Florida Gators.

The Florida Gators may want to prepare for the 2012 season very carefully and in full health of their team. If they lose anyone before they meet up with OSU again, it could spell doom.

But soon the come may be the BCS Championship Bowl game of them all: LSU vs Alabama. This could be the great rematch of all rematches. But get this: It could get very violent there. If I were the people running this game, I'd have a full squadron of ambulances standing by for almost anything, including the local state police too.

Once the BCS game is over and the college football season officially closes, everyone will wonder what the hell happened this 2011 season. For the most part colleges will have to rebuild their teams for the coming fall. The only question is, can high school football players afford college? It depends on economics here. So best wishes.

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