Friday, December 30, 2011

The last Friday and weekend of 2011/2012

G'day Everyone and Happy New Year!

It's the last Friday of the year and the weekend of 2011/2012.

But how much do we feel of 2011 so far?

Our nation has gone through many natural disasters: Tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, and many areas flooded with water! Many places are destroyed and are still recovering. People are hurt and recovering. People are in grief at this time of the year. But there is hope that people will heal from these disasters. It is even a footnote that many buildings in DC have been damaged during the Virginia quake.

However, our government has been going through some political infighting. Especially in congress. Whatever it be of shut downs, or going broke or both. Our Federal Government has been living on the edge of itself. But the bigger question is, can it survive itself in 2012? That's the question.

Notable people have been in trouble this 2011: Blagojevich got convicted and sentenced. Starts his prison term in 2012. So does Michael Jackson's ex-doctor too.

Osama Bin Laden got killed in his own house and Pakistan, which was suppose to help the world stop terrorism happens to be one hiding the lot of them in their own back yard.

Kim Jong IL dies and his supposed "son" Kim Jong Un takes over. But sadly to say, North Korea won't ever talk to South Korea and the state of war remains in place.

China looks posed to take on the space race and out do everyone else.

But for many of us in the deaf community, will there be more problems or scandals that involve the Video Relay Services (VRS)? Will there be a war between ZVRS and Sorenson? Will there be more federal court hearings for the VRS people who defrauded the government? Only time will tell.

So, are we set for 2012? Which do we believe? More disasters happen like in 2012 the movie? Or should we believe in the Mayan Calender of which it says the world will end on December 21, 2012?

All of these are questions about the future of life on earth and for the deaf community.

Some of us hearing and deaf alike, are in hopes that the job market will pick up and hire more people out there. But that could get complicated as banks fail, major companies lay off (like Sears/K-mart) people.

2012 is going to be a major political year in which a lot of things will happen. Ours is a year in which we hopefully will choose the correct President of the USA. But if fate chooses us to stay with President Obama, I fear 4 more years of bad things will happen for our nation.

Hopefully and prayerfully, Nuclear war does NOT happen. But if it does, we all need to be prepared for it.

So, in saying of this last Friday of the year 2011 and the weekend of 2011/2012, I'm asking all of my readers to please be safe this weekend. If you are going to be driving, I do ask you to keep your hands on the wheel. That means, no calling or texting on the cell phone/pagers while driving. Do not drink and drive.

Just remember, police will be patrolling every where. So watch your speeds.

If you host a party, please drink responsible and be responsible for your guests.

Enjoy the new year party.

God bless all of my readers.

First post will be in 2012.

Until then, I'll clue you all in laters! :-)

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Have a Happy New Year. All the best to 2012.