Monday, December 12, 2011

Paterno in the hospital!

G'day Everyone.

Joe Paterno has taken a lot of hits on the sideline in football. He has suffered a lot. Lost his job, respect, his health. The latest thing? Falling on his butt.


Joe Paterno is in the hospital for a while. Perhaps for his own protection. It may be a good thing, but it's no fun during the holidays as well. Given the level of the entire Sandusky case, Paterno may not find out what happens to his former assistant tomorrow.

Sandusky will make his formal court appearance Tuesday morning. Perhaps then, that's when the truth will start coming out and the court will determine if the charges are real OR at the worst, made up.
Like this report:

if some one's lying, real victims are going to get hurt much more than before.

Please be thinking of Joe Paterno and his family. Let there be justice for Sandusky, especially for any real victims as well.

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