Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Marriage rates falls in the USA.

G'day Everyone.

Why is the rate of marriage falling in the USA?
One answer can be found in the Huffpost blog:

One of the greatest factors: the cost of lawyers, divorce, and alimony. The heart of marriage problems has always been this: MONEY.

Yes, love is a heart breaker when a wife or husband says "I don't love you any more, I want a divorce" and it can be a nightmare.

It takes two to work a relationship. But it only takes one outside person (or at least an entire church ministry) to interfere with a engagement or marriage relationship and destroy all the happiness that the couple has built.

People need to find a way to put LOVE back into the relationship. They need to work out their problems.

Even though it can be easy to drop everything for divorce, heart breaks can never go away.

So I'm going to say this:

If you know some one who's in a relationship (I don't care what kind of relationship), or engaged, or recently married, please do me a favor in my life.

I don't care if you are envy or jealous of anyone or being directed by some evil pastor or priest to break up some one's relationship. If you are told to interfere with some one's relationship with another person (whatever that be a man or woman) (Trust me, God would NEVER tell you to do this) of someone, do yourself a favor: walk away.

By walking away, you have your hands clean and yourself happy in your life and praying for the couple to enjoy their lives. But, if you do as directed, even if to say "but the pastor/priest told to do it", you are guilty of the crime as well as the pastor/priest. Regret will hang on your heart until the day you die.

My married friends still regret of what they done to me long ago. But I have told them this: focus on your marriage. No choice.

For me, If I ever find a relationship again one day, just look out. I will be the meanest junk yard dog and will bite the first person that suggests to me NOT to be with that person.

Until then I remind my married friends this: find your love and strengthen your marriage relationship.

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