Thursday, December 8, 2011

hiring for the disabled?

G'day Everyone.

It was back earlier last fall 2011 when President Obama put out an executive notice that the Federal Government needed to hire MORE disabled people. But guess what? It doesn't happen and often. Possible that managers in the Federal Government don't care of what President Obama says so it's just business as usual in Government of DC.

Then comes along this report:

IF and I'm saying a BIG IF companies follow through this in 2012, it will help a lot!! But until we see many companies hiring disabled and deaf Americans, then it can be believed. Perhaps then, this will be the vote getter for President Obama.

What if the GOP candidates in their own states or does something much better than the president and making the ADA law better so that disabled can get jobs like everyone else? Maybe ahead of others?

Who knows?

2012 is an open political ball field, job wise in a huge election year in where candidates make a lot of promises.
Promises like telling a lot of things is like selling snake oil.

But let's do hope jobs happens for disabled and deaf people because we need them and we need to feel productive tax payers like everyone else. We want to help and support our country too!

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