Thursday, December 15, 2011

Opinion day on Blagojevich

G'day Everyone.

Rod Blagojevich has survived one court hearing. Then found guilty on the second of which he could have been hit up to 20 years in Prison. So the former Illinois governor was sacked with a 14 year prison sentence.

Now he's disclosing his "drug" problem of which he hopes will shave off his time in jail.

While Blagojevich is enjoying his holiday and helping his family move, sacking the justice dept with his disclosed "drug problem" could pretty much anger the prosecutors and judge at the next court hearing.

If Blagojevich had disclosed this during his pre-sentence report, he might have gotten less time served.
But at this point, if he gets less time, there's going to questions asked of why.

My opinion should be this: Blagojevich should serve the full 14 years and at the same time get his treatment like any other federal prisoner.

But if he gets away with less time, it would make his guilty conviction look like a grey collar crime of the century in American law.

The only thing Blagojevich can hope for his move his family and then hope God calls him home. But that would trading the punishment on Earth for the punishment from God. Would that be a better thing for Blagojevich? Maybe. But then again, Blagojevich better spend a lot of time praying for more mercy from God rather than a judge.

Good luck, Rod. You will need it.

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