Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Korea's mess, GU Logo.

G'day Everyone.

In the last few days the world hasn't been shocked that much, but it has been expected that the North Korean leader: KimJong II would die one day. It has been in hopes that his death would be the end of any nuclear or biological/chemical threat that he'd make.

However, the world is watching closely for the transition of power and if all is predicted correctly, Kim's son: Kim Jong Un, will most likely be the next leader. But between now and the new year of 2012, Asia is on the alert watch to see if North Korea does anything stupid, like going to war on Kim Jong II last orders. Many of us hope not!

Link: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/12/20/kim-jong-il-north-korea-lying-in-state_n_1159683.html

Meanwhile: How many of you actually remember seeing the "new" logo of Gallaudet University as being one of the final products to represent GU and replace the famous "G"?

I have been chatting with several GU alumni who have said that they haven't seen this "new" logo on the list of ballot. Some feel we've been blind sided with a new design that apparently expresses the current climate of Gallaudet University.

Does it mean that education for the deaf improves at Gallaudet? I don't know.

So while GU has a new logo, there has been a discussion among some NTID alumni that NTID's Brick logo should go and be replaced with a new NTID logo as well. Should NTID do that to stay in competition with GU?

I don't know. But messing with an institutional logo that many people come to know college shouldn't be changed. GU messed with theirs and it will take time for people to get used to it.

NTID shouldn't change their logo at all because it is a symbol of the brick city life at RIT.

So until next time, Enjoy the holidays.

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