Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Going to the Dogs at exam time!

G'day Everyone.

I love this article I found on :

If there were colleges and Universities that would do everything they can to help students get through the stress of examinations, every help is needed.

Like this University of New Hampshire college is one example.

But some students cope with exams with food, drugs, and of course, sex.

How does it all work out? It depends on how well you do with the classes. Including doing your home work, research, and study habits well.

But party schools like GU and PSU, do students do well? It depends. It's the honor students who work hard the most to get the honors and GPAs best. Having parties and sex shouldn't be a part of college life. In today's economic life here, employers are looking for people who do their GPAs well.

As 2012 starts in the next few weeks, colleges are trying to be prepared for the next round of incoming students, whatever they be young or older adult students.

Students of all colleges should party less and focus on the GPAs. If they would do that, there'll be less stress at exam times. Unless you are in the MA and PH'd range.

Best wishes.

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