Monday, December 26, 2011

The FINAL week of 2011

G'day Everyone.

Merry Holidays to many people out there. With Christmas being yesterday and today being Boxing day in Canada and England, it's a Merry Monday for most of us.

But alas it's the final week of 2011. The count down to the NYE has begun and the week is sure to be busy. Hopefully, nothing short of any Breaking News out there.

Today is also the day called White Monday since it's the Day of Returns of Christmas shopping. Also many sales are off by a percent number and bargain hunters are out in droves of sales.

So if you do go out, go out carefully.

Don't forget, since you may think Christmas is past, Police will still be on a high level of enforcement on the high ways. Reason why? Most people will start a 4 day holiday weekend beginning Friday, December 30th to January 2. That's the New Year's Eve weekend.

We are in a count down mode to 2012. We're already in the Presidential process to choose who will challenge President Obama. While Obama chooses to be in Hawaii for his "vacation", it would have been better if he went to Camp David instead. It could hurt Obama's re-election chances since most of the country isn't taking any vacation time while everyone is trying to find work out there.

As it stands right now, the company may start to pick up economically. But it depends on how we do if we don't suffer any more natural weather disasters here in the USA. Some parts of USA had a white Christmas, but most of USA had a green Christmas as well as a rainy one.

So, if you do intend to celebrate 2012 NYE, please party responsible. Don't drink and drive. Be Safe.

Enjoy the week.

Till next post, I'll clue you in!

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