Thursday, December 22, 2011

Discriminated again!!

G'day Everyone.

You'd think the hearing world would formally recognize the Americans with Disabilities Act. That's known as the ADA laws.

Well, hearing people DO violate the ADA laws. Even if it is unintentional or intentional.

In the last few days of my life, I have seen so much ADA violations that if I were to grab my lawyer and haul every one's butt into the court house, I could later laugh my way to the bank. But I'm not intersted in that.. yet!

Try like an MRI fails to get an interpreter. Or a Doctor's office intentionally avoids using the Sorenson relay services just to deliver the "Good news" to the relative of the patient in which the patient should be hearing it first.

Just like the world wants to intentionally keep the deaf person or patient in the dark about something else while using it easy as they like to make communication "accessible" with relatives or family members.

If hospitals don't have certified interpreters on call when there's a deaf person involved in a certain life/death situation, then what good is the hospital for the deaf person?

If hearing people want us to die, it seems like it that way.

Whatever it is, it seems to me this:
It seems to me that hearing people want to avoid using the ADA laws and working with the deaf community. If this is the obvious case, then the hearing and the deaf community are still stuck in the stone age despite all the good advancements being destroyed by many rotten apples out there.

Whatever it is, if you have a good doctor, lawyer, boss, dentist, or whatever what important person is in your life and if they do use the relay services to communicate with you, then do me a favor. PRAISE them this Christmas for doing this. Because it will help retain more deaf clients for their business.

Thank you for letting me get this off my chest. Now I gotta talk to a lawyer next...

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