Friday, November 11, 2011

Breaking news! Within a day of PSU's game at home.

Breaking NEWS: PSU puts the Assistant Coach Mike McQueary on a PERMANENT leave. Which means this guy isn't going to be back at PSU any time. But a certain state college source says that it's for his own safety and protection out there.


Happy 11/11/11 day and Happy Veterans day!

G'day Everyone.

Nobody doesn't like what has happened in the last 6 days since things blew up at Penn State University. That is from last Saturday's arrest of Jerry Sandusky to the PSU rejection of Joe Paterno's resignation and firing as well as the firing of the PSU President as well.

At the center of it all, two men: Jerry Sandusky and the man who saw this "criminal" act: Mike McQueary. While it's interesting to say Jerry's arrested, two university officials resigned, a president and Head Football Coach fired, why hasn't PSU put Mike McQueary into a protective service and removed him from the campus for his own safety?

They didn't do that until the Death Threats against McQueary were announced.

Paterno has retained a criminal defense lawyer for his own protection.

Tom Bradley is trying to pull the team together in an effort to get things ready for the game. What's left of the PSU Football staff will have to work their butts off into this new era that just came too soon.

The question is: Did the PSU Board of Trustees react too fast, too soon? Or were they given some bad legal advice?

Whatever it is, we may not know as it will take into the future court battles.

But for Paterno, this wasn't the way to honor him and his 46 years of service. The PSU board of Trustees should have said that Paterno was let go as to legally protect him and honor him. Paterno has given much of his life to the PSU.

Tonight, the students are doing the right thing to honor the victims in this case through a candlelight vigil at this moment.

For Nebraska, they are going to have to be extremely careful on the field tomorrow. They should play an honest game without taunting. Sportsmanship and respect should be the tone of the day.

Expect security will be high around Penn State and State College area on Saturday. TV and National media will be there all day. So will ESPN.

Let's hope there's a good football game for the Last home game. These Seniors of PSU will have to have a chance to express their service and thoughts for Paterno as well.

Don't forget the Gallaudet University Bison. They're playing tonight at home as well at 7pm. Check the for the link for the game through bison tv.

Until next post.. have a great weekend!

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