Thursday, November 10, 2011

Anger and Chaos in Happy Valley

G'day Everyone!

If the Westboro Baptist Church shows up to protest in Beaver Stadium on Saturday, They better hope their life insurance is paid up as well as their eternal faith as well.

Moments last night after the announcement by the PSU BOTs that the President Spanier and Head Coach Joe Paterno would be FIRED effective immediately.

Friends of mine in State College area have observed and termed that it was a RIOT last night as a lot of angry students went on a protest against the BOTs.


So what is next at PSU? At the present: Temporary Coach Tom Bradley takes over for the PSU team. One of the first things he *MUST* do? End the QB debate and pull the team together. Get new plays up and get stronger despite the emotional drain over the last 5 days. He doesn't have much time and doesn't have a whole lot of preparation time.
But Bradley *MUST* walk the sidelines with a purpose now. PSU could already be ending their season in the last 3 games and losing Joe Paterno.

Who's at fault? Jerry Sandusky and the victims that Sandusky created out there. I'm sure that the victims wouldn't want Paterno out of a job, but by the time it gets to the courts, it may be way too late for the court to reinstate Paterno back to his position. Compensation may be in that order there.

But, Sandusky will pay for his crimes and most likely die in prison. Already his picture has been painted out of State Collage. Most likely Paterno will be painted out as well.

Thanks, Sandusky, it would have been better if you stayed in that jail cell. Your lawyer should have told you to stay in the cell, not only for your own safety, but time served as well.

stay tuned.

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Banjo said...

Paterno was rightfully fired, and I expect more people to be fired sometimes soon. Expect some people to resign too.

The situation is, people knew. They did nothing. They allowed Sandusky to continue molesting and raping children.