Saturday, November 12, 2011

Nebraska restuns dazed PSU football team.

NOT a G'day Everyone.

It had to happen. Every one of us PSU fans knew that Penn State Nittany Lions football team wasn't ready to play football. Even if you watched how the Nebraska Corn Huskers batted around the football with the PSU team, then watched in horror how they ran up 17 points, and then watched again how they let PSU catch up to 14 points as to have some "mercy" for the final PSU home game. It was a damn heart breaker AGAIN!

Penn State didn't need this. Neither their enemy: Nebraska. Nebraska knew what they were doing to put in the insult on the already dazed PSU community. As they were escorted out of state college, one has to hope that Football Gods will put some sort of a "scandal" upon Nebraska themselves.

As it was an end to football for the Paterno Era. Jay Paterno fully knows it was his last home game as well. With two more road games to go through and a post season play off spot barely there, Coach Tom Bradley knows he's got preparation to do to prepare the team for the road.

But know what? A good session of counseling is in order to see how the team's mental health is. Just to be sure everyone from the player, down to the assistant coaches, and down to the athletics support staff are ready for a road trip. Even when they're going to the rival Ohio State University down the road.

Ohio State University has been bouncing back from last year's scandal. For PSU, it's barely 8 days old. Ohio has a jump of preparation and mental health check-up already. They had a year's preparation and they'll use it to their advantage against PSU.

In conclusion: PSU could try to play OSU and see if they can win. Or at least play something to a close game point. When it comes to Wisconsin, that's when seniors ought to say good bye to any hope of play-offs because there's a good chance Wisconsin will want it more than PSU.

At this point: PSU needs to realize that they must be careful of letting these kids play the pig skin ball game. If they're not focusing on the game and getting seriously hurt (whatever or not on purpose) on the field, it may be time for Coach Bradley to say "towel out" and go home.

When it comes to Sunday, November 27th, that will be the day that the entire PSU coaching staff walks away from PSU. They may not like it, but PSU needs a clean slate and a chance for the new staff to come in and begin planning for the future of the Nittany Lions. Coach Bradley knows he's trying to guide the team at the moment, but he also knows he didn't want his job to be this way.

Perhaps these are the lessons being warned to ALL college football coaching staffs out there. Even down to the support staff. Do your job, treat your players right, and respect everyone. You only get one shot in this life to prove you can do your job.
Fail to toe the line, you can bet karma will bite you in the ass.

Jerry Sandusky should have wished he died sooner. Sadly, when he's convicted of it all, the promise of death in prison will be his final will.

Until then, PSU players: get some counseling. You need it to focus better on the game. You were a mess out there and that wasn't good enough at all.

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