Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

G'day Everyone.

If you are traveling out there for Thanksgiving, please be careful. A lot of people are taking AMTRAK more than the planes. Many others are hitting the roads out there.

But for some, this week, has turned out to be a disaster on the roads:


If I was that poor truck driver, he had better plead for the police to toss him in jail because many people, who's cars got damaged, will want to tan his hide to the point of the color of tar. People are that angry.

So make sure your car is checked to be road worthy out there. Be sober and drive well rested.

Don't forget: Police are watching this holiday season! They're looking for people who speed, aggressive driving, texting on the phone, yapping on the phone, and drinking. Police will look for the smallest excuse to pull you over to check you out.

Make sure your license, insurance, and registrations are up to date. Keep your car clean of illegal things.

Drive safe this holiday season and arrive alive.

God bless you.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers. Don't forget to make a wish before you split the wishbone!

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