Saturday, November 26, 2011

Post Turkey / Dark Friday day and NBA games?

G'day Everyone.

By now, you've had your fill of Turkey and pumpkin pies and enjoyed loads of fun with your family. But for those single, I hope you had good friends that opened their homes to you and gave you a blessing.

Yesterday was Dark Friday and of course, the news reports of sales and arrests. It's troublesome of how things happen on such a day. Today's White Saturday #1 (The day after Christmas is White sale day #2). Maybe some of you will be shopping today for the next to the best deals that are left out there.

Meanwhile, I watched a good football game last night. LSU Tigers beat up Arkansas Razorback Hogs. I had a feeling that these hogs didn't have a chance of a prayer. The moment the Hogs went 14-0 and taunted the Tigers, that set LSU off pretty good. In the end it was a 43-17.

Even the Arkansas coach didn't like LSU either!!

Poor Georgia. They better watch their peach trees and be ready with peach pies to throw. After all, Georgia Bulldogs are the only thing right now that stands in the way of the Tigers of a National Championship.
Go get them Bulldogs, Tigers! GO for it! I'll be watching them next weekend!!

Meanwhile, PSU is playing it's last game of the season today against the Wisconsin Badgers at 3:30pm on ABC-TV. Question of the day is: Can PSU win it's last game for the title? That's something that may not happen. You see, Wisconsin plans to use everything against PSU today, including the scandal. Expect a lot of penalties today on both sides. But in the end, Wisconsin will end PSU season and for the first time, staying home for the holidays since no bowls game, major or minor, wants the PSU team. Even if they are the best team around.
Call it discrimination, but that's what may happen. So check out the PSU/Wisconsin game today.

In the NBA matters:

Hearing that the NBA season might happen by Christmas time, I hate to tell you one thing: It may not happen. When the players filed that lawsuit against the NBA and then tossed themselves into a get tough discussions to resolve the lock out problems, it may well be a hallow victory.

Unless the NBA players will call off the court judgements, it may well be too late. I would be thinking that even if the NBA deal is reached, the court battle could still go on and in the end spell a larger disaster that could prevent NBA and the players from ever having basketball ever again.

If the players are really serious on saving their season, they should put away the lawsuit and the lawyers and plead for the fans to return back to the seats and watch them play. But NBA fans are the ones that are already hurt and the NBA season is already done and gone.

That's not all: Players better apologize to all the owners of the teams as well. They're in for some bitter Christmas coals for this year from Santa Claus.

Well, enjoy the weekend. Until next post, drive carefully out there. People getting home already. Be safe.


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