Sunday, November 27, 2011

Has the new "Witch hunt" started to grip college sports area?

G'day Everyone.

Suddenly another professional college assistant sports coach has gotten fired.

Has it suddenly become "open season" of accusing your assistant coaches of whatever what sports team you play in and go ahead to accuse him or her of some made up sexual assault allegations?

Hopefully and prayerfully I consider this: It better not be turning into a copy-cat outing out there.

What has happened at Penn State University at the State College, PA campus is very serious where Jerry Sandusky is most likely right now to head to the local jail cell for the next few coming months as more men show up to tell their "tale" of abuse.

However, if this starts to spread in other colleges, where people are starting to do copy-cat work, then I'm concerned for many people. Every coach and assistant coach are putting their professional lives on the line every day as they are trying to train these kids in their 20s of the most wonderful sport that they enjoy to play in.

But yes, there are some bad assistants out there. Even head coaches do not deserve to be lumped into the fact unless proven other wise in court.

Nobody does not deserve to have their careers disrupted like this. This is serious. So let me say this: In a week's time, Jerry Sandusky will appear in court to hear his fate. But for what's happening in Syracuse, NY? Let's everyone take a breather and hope they prove this above and beyond a shadow of doubt in a court of law.

Until then.. Stay honest out there. That is to every coach and assistants and those that work with the team.

TIll next post, I'll clue you in later.

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