Monday, November 28, 2011

Tweets take to the air on Gov. Brownback

Update: In a twist of fate, it was the Gov. Brownback who apologize to the teen for his overzealous office staff.

Good job, Gov. Brownback. First rate Governor you are. Now clear your staff out.

G'day Everyone.

Suddenly, tweets are everywhere and posts are up among many blog sites. If Gov. Sam Brownback can't understand FREE SPEECH in, then forcing this teen for an apology could mean a lot of coal this Christmas for him.

Gov. Brownback may not like what's said in twitter and many posts in various blogs, but when this teen said this twitter was meant for her friends, it was said to be that.

And if her principal of her school, Shawnee East Mission school, doesn't back down from the threat of punishing the teen, it could spark a whole lot more of a legal situation that will impact everyone.

So, in the spirit of the holiday Christmas season: Gov. Brownback and the principal of Shawnee East Mission school need to back down before they politically damage themselves. Other wise it will be way too late. Perhaps it is.

If they back down, they may get a good gift from Santa Claus. If not, coal could fill their homes which will keep them warm for ages to come.

Tweet on Emma Sullivan!

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