Monday, November 21, 2011

All the political mess!

G'day Everyone.

Political messes. That's bad.

Let's start with PSU. A few days ago, we were all informed that Former Coach Joe Paterno had a treatable form of LUNG CANCER. I sincerely want to wish Joe Paterno well, but he should step carefully and make sure he gets treated right. I know this from past experiences that doctors and lab techs do screw up on cancer identifications. If it turns out that Joe Paterno has an aggressive form of cancer, God help him. He does need our prayers. Also, PSU is still probing the scandal at the moment. And a few days ago, it was said that Mike McQueary never went to the police! Now that's puts a new twist on things.

Meanwhile, PSU Nittany Lions took a road trip number 2 last weekend and visited Ohio State University Buckeyes. Normally, we'd be wanting to beat OSU badly. But, if you saw the game, they gave us a good run for the money. OSU got beaten by PSU 20-14. That puts Temporary Head Coach Tom Bradley at 1-1. Also last weekend, Nebraska should have seen it coming. Karma puts it on them and the corn huskers paid dearly for beating PSU the previous weekend. Beating a team when they're down in trouble in the school was never an idea. I would say right now, the Nebraska coach should have taken his own advice and not played PSU when the scandal hit. That's when Karma pays attention hard.

Ride out into today, Monday. Did you look at CNN and the lately? Hear about the Super Committee or "Super Congress" would solve all our financial Crisis in the nation? Many people had certain doubts that this "super committee/congress" would solve things and put our nation back on financial footings.
Unfortunately, it came down to one word this Monday...


Now, that's a very bad thing to hear. Link:

Will the nation's voters take notes and prepare for the 2012 votes in the Spring 2012? Maybe.

Congress is only going to enjoy a temporary reprieve from the punishment of the voters until spring.

But then again, they have all gone rich and power mad. That's a bad thing to see.

There's one opinion I should note and I like the suggestion of locking out Congress:

It would be nice if we could all take a page from the NFL and the NBA and lock out C0ngress. It would send a message to President Obama, Vice President Biden, and Hillary Clinton. We are a nation in trouble and headed for our own downfall.

Depending on what happens this very short week of work, let's hope that things will not get bad.

Be thankful this week. But Friday night at 12 midnight, if you decide to shop, have your life insurance paid up!

Till next post, clue in then!

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