Monday, November 14, 2011

NBA dies and Paterno's Trophey erased!

G'day Everyone.

Two shocking things have shaken the sports world:


Now I'm sad about the young and RICH NBA players. They have no idea about the state of Economics for the owners and the fans. They think all of the fans will still pay the high ticket prices to see them play. Unfortunately, the NBA and the owners know better than the players do.

So now, who's out of a job more? The NBA players. These young 20s and 30 year old men thinks by taking the NBA to court, they'll get a more better deal of a contract. But the only R-I-C-H person will be the lawyers who'll laugh all the way to the banks.

Personally, the National Basketball Association is officially dead! Would I want to watch them again? NOPE. These young men have finally killed it all. Congrats ball boys! High school and college players are all angry and after you! I hope they basketball you till you plead "TIME OUT"!! Only if you ever run back to the NBA and plead for MERCY. Good luck finding work, young boys. You won't be able to now.

Here's something MORE SHOCKING: Link:

Has BIG TEN made a mistake before the court hearings have begun? Will it come back to bite BIG TEN in it's ass for good? Will that happen?

Let's hope the BIG Ten drops dead on it's feet before they get all the answers in court. They should have waited till then. If Paterno gets cleared of it all, PSU, Big Ten and many others will have to grovel in Paterno's face. Good luck Big Ten! You committed the worst penality before court happens.

And as a thought for NBA and BIG Ten.. here it is..

Until next post...get a life you NBA players and Big Ten!

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