Monday, October 10, 2011

Wall Street Protests.. Are we headed for trouble?

G'day everyone.

Occupy this city. Occupy that city. Protest city here and protest city there. Rallies, meetings, and the general grumble of discontent list goes on.

The bigger question is: Are we headed for social trouble or social revolution? Wall Street, which has been the financial bane of our mainstream of economics, is now becoming a social concern to all of us.

There have been protests and arrests. It's starting to get MORE organized. It's a concern because here in the USA, the elections are less than a few weeks away. That is: November 8th, 2011. That will be the day the voters across the USA will go to their state's election centers and cast their ballots again. Even though congress is NOT up for grabs, but there are some people who could end up losing seats and the possible power of congress could change.

In other words: Obama had better take a close look of the results on the day after because it will shape his final year of being President of USA. Chances of President Obama to gain a 2nd term are very slim at this point.

November 9th will be the start of the "Open Season" of the 2012 Presidential Elections. Will there be any good candidates? To be honest, the democrats should consider to replace Obama with someone who's willing to work for the country, not for himself or his socialist party.

Returning to the point of the post, just how much more concern should we be of the Wall Street protests? Let's hope that our country is NOT going to have a financial meltdown. All that we learned this summer of congress, our country is still not financially stable. But if our country does meltdown economically, then those who profited from this mess had better flee for their lives along with their wealth!
Those who are out of work and seeking employment would battle to take over their job and do everything they can to put the millions of people back to work.

But God help this nation now. Because we need God more than ever.

Until next post, keep an eye on CNN and pray our country doesn't get worse economically or suffer another natural disaster.

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