Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cop Killer in Philly gets life sentence/ Comment warning

G'day Everyone.

There is unrest in the city of Brotherly Love. That Brotherly Love could be broken now. What do I mean by that? Look no further than the City of Philadelphia, PA.

The High Court Decision

In the last few months, Mumia Abu-Jamal has successfully fought and gained a new sentencing date in which he could be automatically sentenced to life in prison WITHOUT parole. If Mumia is given that sentence of life in prison without ever being free, it will mean that he is guilty as hell and has hope that he'll live many more years in his hard life in prison before finally meeting the final justice at the hands of King Jesus.

If and when Mumia really dies (whatever at the hands of another prisoner, or by the state, or by natural death), Mumia will be wishing he died a lot sooner rather than fighting his whole legal life and becoming infamous.

What Mumia has really done is to strain race relations among a lot of people. So would the word "LOVE" in Philadelphia crack in two at the moment of Mumia's sentence? It could happen.

But let's hope for one thing: If Mumia gets his life sentence he so desires of, the state could have the final say of where to send him to be in prison. Hopefully, the roughest and darkest prison where he will never see the light of day ever again. That will be the end of his days and he will wish death come faster. But the term of locking him and throwing away the key will be his deal that he so wants.

Mumia shall NEVER be free, ever!


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