Friday, October 7, 2011

First Friday in October 2011

G'day Everyone.

It's finally Fall 2011. How do you know? If you look for the "V" formations of the geese and ducks, you'll know they're heading south fast as they can go in their bi-annual migrations. They're heading back to the warm regions of USA. I do not blame them.

Seeing them ( the geese and ducks in flight formations) brings a joy to my heart and knowing that it's Friday, October 7th, 2011. It's a first Friday as well.

The October weather is here and many of the leaves are beginning to peak already. So if you are out in the country, get a chance to get out there and look about the trees. This is the best time before they are all fallen and done for the year.

October time is also when the Baseball season is heating up and of course, anger among people happens. We all expected our beloved Bronx Bombers: The Yankees, to get up and beyond into the Baseball World series. Unfortunately, that's not going to happen.
Last night was a SHOCKER. The Detroit Tigers (*SPAT* kitties is what they are) defeated the NY Yankees. The Detroit team was quickly hustled into security and escorted out of NY when many people didn't like what happened. The Detroit never thought they'd knock off the Yankees out of post season play offs, but they did it.
For the next few days, the Detroit Tigers will have to be careful while the nation gets over the loss of our beloved Yankees. Besides, Yankees have too many World Champion rings and banners. The Yankees will, no doubt, make it a motivation next season: * BEAT THOSE KITTIES!*
Now Detroit faces the Texas Rangers. Will the new kitties win this one? I predict Rangers in 4 games and sending the kitties home for the winter.

Two other game fives tonight: Arizona diamondbacks vs Milwaukee Brewers. Tough call.. But I predict Brewers to win.

Then the better season game tonight: St.Louis Cardinals vs. Philadelphia Phillies. The Cardinals better watch out. Pushing the Phillies back to the wall could make the Phillies very dangerous tonight. Get ready for Phillies to break out their best. With the Yankees gone, Blood is in the Baseball water. Just thank the Detroit Tigers (ahh: KITTIES). The Phillies will sense the season is all theirs now.

First Friday has many events going on. Basically, we're all trying to cope with the passing of Steve Jobs. It's hard to believe the man is gone, but we will live on and honor his memory.

Depending on where you live in the nation and among your deaf community, I hope there will be some good First Friday events for you as well. Enjoy the weekend! Don't forget to kick a big pile of leaves to hope it will be a gentle winter!

Till next post, I'll clue you in later.

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