Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Thinking about Fairport, NY

G'day Everyone!

Right now, there's an impending change coming in my life these days. It's something that has been expected to happen for a long time. It finally may happen. BUT, it doesn't bring me any closer to my beloved home town of Fairport, NY.

Fairport, NY is a hometown where I grew up most of my life. Yes I lived most of my life in Williamsport, PA, but Fairport holds my most precious youth days of my life. I lived, bicycle rode, camped, walked my dogs, and literally walked ALL OVER the town of Fairport, NY.

There is no other place on earth like this unique town. I've missed this place very much. I realized after 1987, there would be no going back there after I moved out of my parents home and into my first apartment with roommates (Greece, NY). When I left Rochester, NY in 1995, I never realized that a fruitless battle of looking for work would never bring me back to the Rochester area, nor to Fairport, NY.

It has finally hit me that a possible job in another state in the southern USA will finally become my new home, job, eventually new friends (deaf and hearing), and eventually my retirement and the end of my life.

I am very much in excitement, scared shit-less, full of expectations, and many dreams of what I could accomplish in the near future.

Today, I wanted to share with my readers about my hometown of Fairport, NY. But it's mostly the canal pictures I wanted everyone to see.

Erie Canal Pictures

Just click the home link if you want to learn more about the Erie canal.

In the next few weeks, if the job offer comes through, I could be wrapping up my life and memories in the preparations to move. It will come with a price to pay for myself.
I realize it's the start of a new adventure in life. May be one that is better than what happened in 2007 (The DC misadventures).

Right now I smile about many things. I think my final move in my life will be worth it.

Thanks to many of my past friends in my life who gave me the best fun days of Fairport. If you ever happen to come upon a deaf kid chasing his dog, or pulling pranks and jokes on his drama classmates, curious of science, the want to learn computers, and turning an old apple computer inside out.. do me a favor. Be his friend and encourage him to live his dreams.
Just save a spot inside a catholic church or watch the Amtrak trains roar through and make note of them. One other spot in the oxbow bend area of the canal (before all those damn new homes were built) holds some precious memories and a secret hideaway with friends. It's also a place where I often sat and enjoyed nature too.

Good bye, Fairport, NY. Long live and Rip roar rowdy red raider proud it will always be!

Till next post, I'll clue you in.

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