Thursday, September 29, 2011

Two bits of news hits close to home.

G'day Everyone.

There's two bits of news that hit close to the home of my heart today. Both are a deep concern in everything else.

Let's start on Iran. Iran has been the bully of the world lately. They're not going to get any better till God deals with them as a nation.

That part of God dealing with Iran may just happen. Here's a bit of news that concerns Iran:

Iranian Pastor

In this story, a real Christian pastor was caught and arrested by the Muslim rulers of Iran. They tried him through their laws and their courts. The Christian pastor refused to repent and deny his faith of being a christian and convert to being a Muslim.

In other words: according to the Muslim law of the Quran, he must be executed.
This man of God will be honored by God when he dies because he will NOT deny the faith of Jesus Christ.

By then, God will judge the nation of Iran himself. The people of Iran must over throw their evil rulers or God will strike HARD in judgements. Those judgements could be weather, earth quakes, tornadoes, or whatever it be. Pray for the people of Iran, because God will do His will upon them.

Meanwhile, the second news report hits much closer as a person, like all of us in the deaf community work closely with the disabled community.

READ this article carefully: Mitchell Wilson Suicide

I know I talked about gay teens being bullied, but hearing disabled kids and deaf kids being bullied?! That makes me angry! Even as a deaf disabled man, I would want to find that kid's bully and tell him "How does it feel to become the victim of your own handicap?". I would like to take that bully and show him that boy's body.
But you know, bullies take pride in causing the death of their victim, even if it is NOT their intent, but they claim it as a badge of honor.

You know, when these bullies show up in God's court, they're going to wish for mercy and they WON'T get it!

This coming month of October 2011: I want to make this month as a DEFEAT THE BULLY MONTH and Defend Gay and Disabled TEENS month. We need to get the word out. Defeat the bully and make sure he has no more power.

Let us work together with every school in the nation and the world.

God bless.

Till next post, I'll clue you in later.

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