Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Steve Jobs: Apple Company founder, Dies at 56

Update #2: The expected funeral of Steve Jobs, which everyone wanted to see and hear, is already completed. According to the latest news report:
CNN Report on Steve Jobs funeral

While we all will not hear what's been said about Steve Jobs or his passing at the funeral, but let us respect his family and his passing. We know everyone is in pain of it all. God bless the Jobs family.

Update: If you thought the apple logo was a curved bite of the apple.. think again.
the tribute apple logo

Sad news.

If you own an apple computer or any apple related product, hug it tight.
The founder and maker of all Apple Computer Products, Steve Jobs, has died at the age of 56.

Steve Jobs' death

The technology world is reeling on the fact that everyone has known that Steve Jobs has created a legacy of a life time of many different apple related products.

It is sad to know that this man is a very brilliant person.

When I was a young teenager, the high school wouldn't let me in the computer room and learn on the IBM computer. But when I went to a library in my home town of Fairport, NY (see previous post), that's where I saw the apple ][c and played the games on it. One day I got curious of it and put in a program UPSIDE down. The result was an upside down game. That got my interest in computers and started a career.
The library staff thought I broke the computer until I explained in simple terms of what I did. After that, I was given exclusive access to the Apple computer whenever I visited the library.

For awhile, IT industry had a major hold on colleges with their computer products. But it wasn't until the mid-80s into the early 1990s that I saw colleges switch over to the IBM. Most of them have now gone to the DELL products.

Steve Jobs knew he had to save his company and he did. He developed the Iphones and then the Ipads.

But in the closing days of his life, Steve J sensed the very end was coming upon his life and prepared very well. Especially stepping down in August of this year.

Who knew that he would be gone as of today?

Right now, Apple Company is at a point where it must survive on with new leaders and being prepared to lead the Technology industry as it should. But you know there are sharks in the water (like Dell, HP, Compaq, and IBM) that would love to take over and gobble up Apple so that it is no more.

Apple must hold strong and be firm and lead well beyond Steve Jobs.

Let us hope they will. I may not be able to use an Iphone, but I definitely plan to buy an Ipad one day.

Thank you, Steve Jobs. You left a great legacy that will forever be remembered for who you are.

This concludes my post with prayers for Steve Jobs, God bless you and him!

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