Tuesday, September 27, 2011

dripping rain and wonder of life.

G'day readers!

Lately, I'm starting to enter a writer's block. That happens from time to time. I recently updated to a new Internet program and I'm seeing improvements. I'm still learning as I go through that.

Meanwhile, Seek Geo is back on his site. Actually on youtube and tumbler. That's where his videos are. So when www.SeekGeo.com does come down, that will come down off the list of my related links. Geo has been though the rough of his days since his former partner, Jes, left him. But, everyone has encouraged him and he's bounced back. Good to know Geo is ok. :-)

But just be aware, not every gay relationship ends well these days. Especially long ones. Pray for them.

The last few weeks, I've been thinking of Micah Brown and praying for him as he's about to enter Prison. But personally, I'm not going to comment about him any more on here as he's gone from our lives. Much to say that I will be keeping in touch with him via snail mail. So personally, I'm asking my readers to please put Micah Brown on your prayer lists for next 20 years or less. He will need our prayers for survival in prison.

With Micah out of the way, I'm still reading more reports about gay teens and their bullies. Gay Teen suicide is on the rise and getting worse and bullies are cheering their deaths in a very celebrated way. But I am afraid for one thing that will happen one day. When another gay teen takes his life and his bully that celebrates his victory of his victim's death, he just might stare into the barrel of a gun that is held by the gay teen's friends. The bully might plead for mercy, but when the trigger is pulled, that bully will find out really fast what it's like to die: PAINFULLY!

So let me say this clearly: If you hear someone mention suicide, even if just a passing remark, please react forcefully. Make sure people (especially gay teens) are not thinking of suicide. Get them professional help. Listen to their pleas. Get the school (if they're gay teens), get the police, and get the parents involved. A bully loses his power when everyone becomes aware that he is hurting his intended victim. When the victim is taken care of, attention turns on him and bullies become cowards, pleading for mercy and NONE SHOULD BE GIVEN TO THEM. NOTHING but the FULL PUNISHMENT in the darkest prison cell where they belong and their parents arrested for it.
Nobody doesn't have the right to cause someone to commit suicide. Death is a one way ticket to hell if you are not saved by grace. Suicide is like the final end of a painful life that being traded for some thing more painful.

So please, help gay teens defeat bullies today. Prevent suicides. We all should be working together and listening to our friends in their lives. Very important!

I'll write more soon. Until then, I'll clue you in later!

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