Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tsunami comes to real life in Williamsport, PA

G'day Everyone.

Susquehanna River. Some times, she's a calm river. But when it rains bad, and creeks overflows, she can be a mean BITCHY River. Today, I was at the corner of Warrensville road and Broad street bridge area, under the Interstate 180 underpass bridge area. If you could see the loyalsock creek, you would have been amazed and been very afraid of the act of nature that was happening.

If you seen the japan tsunami videos that have been around 6 months ago, then I can assure you that night mare of the disaster that they have faced is very real and here in Pennsylvania. In fact: most of Penn State has been suffering from extreme flooding from Hurricane Irene and now Tropical storm Lee. (sorry, Arthur lee, we don't mean you!!).

A lot of people are paying attention to this storm and everything that has been going on here.
At the same moment, across from CNN:
This should be another reason why people should be concerned with this hurricane season this year.

If you haven't seen how Tropical storm Lee looks like:

Please pray for many people out there. This is the worst time of the year.
God bless to each and every one of you. Many thanks.
See you in the next post.

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