Sunday, September 4, 2011

Labor Day 2011

G'day Everyone.

Labor Day 2011. A holiday that is dedicated to the average working American who's job that is not taken by some illegal immigrant out there for less. This Labor Day 2011 post is also dedicated to all people who are out there looking for jobs and fighting with employers for the RIGHT to be hired for job that is wanted.

As Labor Unions are fighting for economic survival, it's the States and Federal Government that are cutting away union expenses from their pay roll accounts. Unions are also trying to gain more people to join them, but clearly to say, the average workers are NOT interested in Unions. They're interested in jobs.

But this year, jobs are in short supply at the moment. How does this affect President Obama? In a very big way. With most of the voters unemployed and political candidates that are lining up for 2012 in preparation to say "if elected, there will be jobs for everyone.". How how much is that a promise? Depends on how much Americans want a REAL CHANGE at the White House and Congress.

With President Obama making a major jobs for people speech this week before a joint session of congress, it can be well said that Obama's future is also a concern as well. President Obama's Winter 2010, Spring 2011, and Summer 2011 were not a very good quarters to face along with Congress.

It is about 26 days to the start of the Federal Year that begins on Oct 1st, 2011. It also nearly 2 months and 4 days to the November 8th, 2011 election. This means that for President Obama, his speech will have to inspire both Democrats and Republicans to work together and encourage private and public companies to bring jobs back to our nation quickly as possible so that our economy and run well again in our lives.

The speech could also break Obama's own political party as well.

But let's face it. Our country is a mess. It has been a mess since 2007. (Thanks, Bushie boy!). This labor year of 2011 has been our most worrisome year. Especially with the national debt ceiling debate that was just nearly down to the wire which scared the hell out of everyone but yet, a credit company goes ahead with the down grade and they get hit with a Justice dept investigation.

So, how well will President Obama crafts his speech (by him and his team of advisers) will have to be at his best before Congress. Congress themselves will have to decide of what to take up in proposal to save current jobs and create more jobs.

As Monday, Labor day, September 5th, 2011 is here, Let us celebrate this day and salute our nation and our President. Let us also make it a day of prayer and being a watchful person for the next 6 days. Already our nation's transportation systems are on a high alert. Even among the roads, police and first emergency responders are also being watchful too.

Why? Because on Sunday, September 11th is the day that we mark the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks upon our nation. We will be watchful and being prepared to call law enforcement to engage and take down these people who dare attack our nation again. We will NOT let it happen again.

In saying this: Please celebrate responsible this Labor day weekend. Please drive carefully. Do not use the cell phone or text while driving. Police will be upon patrols and nabbing speeders.

Until next post, Enjoy the holiday!

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