Friday, September 23, 2011

Old NASA Satellite falls down....soon.

G'day Everyone.

Update: According to the news reports, The old NASA Satellite has fallen and all of us are now safe. News report

But you know, how many other space junk will remain in orbit? God only knows. Until then, watch the sky.
There's a story this week that puts everyone on alert to watch the sky. If you see something streak by, then you are a very lucky person to see it. What's that streak?


As the Satellite tumbles down through the earth's air and burning up, there's a good chance some of it will survive the burn and do a land impact...somewhere.

If and when it does come down, don't touch it! Take pictures if you do find it and call the police and the fire dept. Do tell them to send the hazmat team for it. Any part of a Satellite is still pretty much government property.

However, a long time ago, about 25 years ago (in 1976) when I lived in Fairport, NY.. it was at a time we wanted to build a new building near the canal. But standing in that way was an old building on the site. So during the 4th of July that year, the town celebrated and painted a big TARGET on the old building and said "Skylab: hit here!".

SkyLab was an old space station that was coming down as it wasn't fit for use any more. Everyone hoped it would hit some where, but didn't care less about the destruction it would cause. Just as long as it destroyed a building.

None the less, Fairport was disappointed when Skylab was given a controlled descent and hit an ocean as it came down. However, this bus size OLD NASA Satellite is NOT controlled. Where it hits is a question right now.

So if you see something streak across the sky today, consider that it's not coming down in your area. But chances are if it does come down, pray it doesn't hit a building or kill someone on the ground.

The next time you have a clear sky at night and you see all those "stars" up there, just remember one thing: it's space junk. Some day those space junk will come down too. It's just a matter of time. For now, shine on space junk!

Till next post, I'll clue you in later.

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