Thursday, September 22, 2011

Troy Davis.. executed

G'day Everyone.

I am troubled by the State of Georgia that did everything possible to insure that Troy Davis would be executed last night and he formally was executed.

The execution of Troy Davis

As Troy Davis dies, law enforcement and the courts have already lost their public relations battle. Even though 7 of the 9 witnesses recanted, the courts refused to consider the case nor grant mercy as well. It is no great wonder why the State of Georgia wanted to put an innocent man to death when one of their own police officers have been shot to death quickly as possible.
The police and the prosecutors have gotten their wish granted by the courts. Blood is on their hands and the State of Georgia could face a greater risk of God's wrath through a major storm could visit upon them.

Capital punishment, that is the death penalty, is worthwhile. But only if it's used correctly and beyond the shadow of a doubt of any one's guilt that the person charged really did cause the death of another person.

Right now, Capital Punishment is now under review in this country by many people. Troy's death could become a cause for a voter review in this country in many states. Since Georgia and Texas rush to put more criminals to death before the death penalty is yanked, how many more innocent men and women die without a shred of doubt?

Congrats to Georgia for killing Davis. If a storm, hurricane, or an earthquake strikes the State of Georgia, just remember, they killed Troy Davis for this to happen so that many people would suffer more.

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