Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Looters and High School Football

*sigh* Good Day Everyone.

In the flood prone disaster areas, they have turned into an armed camp as various areas are dealing with people who are just not looking and taking pictures, but those who are looting homes and businesses that have fled the area previously in the flooding.
As people return home to find their houses and businesses broken into, there is an increase of looting as well. Safety and security for many people have vanished and now many of the flood areas have now set up an armed patrolling of neighbors who are protecting many people. Though the police and national guard discourage this, but people are taking no chances. There is an increase of a like hood of people being shot first and asking questions later. That's what happens when looters have violated the trust of their fellow human beings. Link: http://www.sungazette.com/page/content.detail/id/568358/Looting-reported.html?nav=5011

As the year continues, things could be worse later as well.

Presently, two high schools: Bloomsburg and Muncy high school, both communities with flood damages, were to have a football game this past weekend. However, the entire game was cancelled. In the news paper today, there were allegations that Bloomsburg wanted the game no matter what happened. But the decision was clear that this was a time that nobody would benefit from playing football at all.

It does not matter who's decision it was to cancel the game. It was the proper thing to do. Neither school would benefit from the football game at all. It would just cause more hard feelings that would go much deeper than the flooding disaster happening.

PSU could learn a lesson from these two high school students. The football team of PSU obviously had less time to prepare for Alabama in spite of all the rain we had last week. Some people said that Alabama wanted the game to happen no matter what. Even Nick Saban wanted the game. So now PSU faces it's own disaster of a mistake that hurts their football community. PSU should have been sensitive to the people of Penn State. Even Alabama as well. PSU should have taken the lesson from Muncy and Bloomsburg High schools. Simple enough to say: Even if PSU's field is fine and playable, the people of Penn State were not ready for a game after week of rain disasters. Alabama should have been told to GO HOME and come back another day. Saban may have insisted they play. They did, and they won. Kicking PSU and the People of Penn State down when they didn't deserve this.

Until the state of Pennsylvania recovers completely, sports being played in our state should be evaluated on a case by case basis. The first and foremost is now to recover from the disaster and sustain our community back to it's normal status or near normal status. No school, high school or college, deserves to kick down an opposition team when their community and it's fan base is hurting from a disaster.
Muncy and Bloomsburg did the right thing. Even if the players won't accept the decision, they have to. For Alabama, I award them "The evil team of the year" . Even if Alabama wins that national title, it will rust fast on them for good.

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