Sunday, September 11, 2011

Alabama embarasses flood ravaged PSU.

Today's post is an opinion. Respect it.
NOT a G'day Everyone.

PSU is in an angry state instead of a Happy Valley State. Everyone is totally angry at TWO men are being kept under protection from many of the PSU fans that want to tear into them. For PSU, they thought it would be an idea for the fans to have a football game to help everyone to cheer up from the mess of the 2011 Floods here in the Eastern half of Penn State that had endured 6 days of unrelenting rain. For Alabama, an evil smirk behind Nick Saban's face was the most evilest sportsmanship ever.

Saban should have declined the football game. He should have given citizens of Pennsylvania MORE time to recover from the floods that hit about every part of the eastern state of PA after more than 6 days of Tropical Storm Lee's massive rain dumping. It's a mistake that will hunt Nick Saban for the rest of his life.

What started out to be in the Nittany Lions vs Tides Football game, looked like PSU would win the game after getting the first field Goal and points on the score board.

Then the nightmare started!

Nick Saban used his Alabama tides with so many trick plays, they even got away with many penalties. PSU looked so old and so confused, didn't know what to do to STOP Alabama.

Only then did Nick Saban figured he had done enough to damage to Head Coach Joe Paterno's future, Saban finally ordered easy plays in an effort to allow PSU try to catch up from 27-3 to a 27-11 final score. Even if you looked at the so-called "sportsmanship" by these Alabama players, it wasn't long before the police hustled the Alabama team into the locker room to change and then on to the team bus to escort them to the State Boundary line. The Alabama team had to leave in hurry because they know they had hurt PSU and PA in the flood weary state.

PSU and the Fans of Penn State were in no mood playing happy valley hosts. Even the local bars in my area told every alabama fan to get rid of that shirt or get out of the bar. The only reason they told them to change their shirts because they didn't want their patrons to get hurt on their property. State College had a tension filled Saturday evening as the team bus of Alabama finally drove away.

At this point, Nick Saban has shown that Joe Paterno is old, senile, and inept of knowing that to do on the football field with his team of PSU. While Nick Saban is safely back home and the FIRESTORM begins over this mess of a football game, it is very clear for PSU that it is in major trouble with it's program.

PSU may have thought that a win in the land of Happy Valley of PA has turned around to be an angry state of PSU Lions that are now stalking the elder Lion of all, Joe Paterno. With the entire population of PA in a state of emergency across the eastern half of the state, it has ended up this past Saturday with an embarrassing EGG on the lion face and paws. PSU was encouraged to POSTPONE the game to give the people time to recover from the flood damages.

Now, the PSU Leader lions, called the Board of Trustees, must now stalk and decide the elder lion of Joe Paterno's future after what Nick Saban has shown them what he can do to the entire PSU coaching staff. It's clear. This must be the last season of Joe Paterno for good. There is no real choice.

Joe Paterno may be an icon, a legend, and the most longest coach that has won many games in the NCAA football game. But, Joe Paterno's legacy can't stay on the PSU football field forever. The game has changed. For Joe Paterno, his decision to have the football game at a time when Penn State is in a state of a natural disaster emergency marks the end of his coaching career and should declare his season to be the last one.

After all, there is no shame that an old lion must leave the pride for good. But it is to preserve the pride's future. Jay Paterno may also have to leave to prove himself else where that he has what it takes to be a football coach showing that he is NOT following in his father's foot steps. In time, Jay Paterno could return to take a NEW PSU football team into the future.

Right now, the Lion pride and the Fans of PSU must demand new football leadership before it's too late.

It may be early in the season, but it's already clear Nick Saban has wrote on the PSU field this: "We were here! We love your new canyons. Bama tide." Thus, the sign is on the field.

Unless PSU steps up to salvage the rest of their football season, we all might as well hope another tropical storm floods state college very hard. Better yet, a moderate earthquake to wake them up.

Nick Saban and his Alabama Tides better stay out of Penn State for a while. His welcome mat was changed to a NOT welcome mat. Nick better also say some apologies when Paterno gets shown his way out.

As people come out from remembering 9/11 and anger sets in at Nick Saban and his team, they'll throw their anger into the recovery process in the flood area.

Should it come to next year, when Alabama gets hit with a natural disaster and PSU must play there, we'll return the same favor. "But Nick, you made us play during our natural disaster! Now we demand to play on your field to return the same pain!". If PSU beats Bama then at their game at their natural disaster, all Nick Saban will say "Karma bites hard and it hurts". Such is one that soon be written on Alabama when mother nature strikes again.

Until then, The players and students of PSU should pitch in and help our destroyed state of PA to recover from Tropical Storm Lee so much more. That should have been done this past Saturday rather than the stupid Football game. Should another storm put them in the same position again, I hope they'll be wise to say "POSTPONE till a better day". One misstep of a PSU football game in a natural disaster state is enough to hurt the entire state of PA.

Until then, all that live and work in Penn State should pitch in and help our fellow neighbor. And NO, nick saban, you can't offer to bring your team back here to help. You done enough damage already!! Stay home!


Opinion post. thank you.

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