Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Democrats in New York Lose a seat.

G'day Everyone.

Politics. Some times it can be very ugly. But in this one case, it reminds you of just how bad it can be. Some time ago, Rep. Anthony Weiner was caught up in a sex scandal. The long time democrat first had support which disintegrated in the days after the scandal broke.

Then the democrats pleaded for weiner to do the right thing and step down. He refused. It wasn't until he finally stepped down after a political revolt happened.


Yesterday, New York State held a special election to replace Weiner. Democrats thought with their majority in power, they would very easy to replace Weiner. Except, their democratic plans were swept away.

A GOP win has sent shock waves through out the Democrats in New York State. It has sent a signal that Obama's term could be coming to a premature end already.

It also gives a forecast look at how the Fall political race could happen.

For President Obama, the timing couldn't be much worse. This could set the tone for the Fall political races that could impact on to the 2012 future. November 2011 is 2 months away now.

Right now, Obama must improve the country or else. If he does not, a total GOP victory would have the democrats completely worried for their own party beyond 2012.

Perhaps this is the right change for our country then. We're making up for what happened in 2007.
Just pray and hope this is the RIGHT decision.

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