Saturday, September 3, 2011

Court Stuff..

G'day Everyone:

I promise that this would be the last post related to my former friend and rival blogger (on politics), Micah Brown. Last week I told you that he was formally sentenced by a Federal Judge in a deal that puts Micah Brown in a 20 year prison sentence along with Life time probation.

Now, the New York State gets their chops in just to stick it to Micah, Link:

I will spare you most of the detail of what's been said, merely the state of New York affirms the Federal sentence.

But today, its my good-bye to Micah. God knows I may not ever see him again in his life. Much worse is, he will no longer have a political blog. Join me in prayer for Micah Brown's soul. He will have a tough prison life.

Meanwhile, there is an update in which a student killed a gay student in California.

The DA has opted for a new trial. I formally believe this time, the gay student will get convicted and punished extremely bad. If I was that student's lawyer, I'd start petitioning for a deal quickly as possible because this time, his client could be gone for a LONG time.

I hope California DA makes it this time. This kid killed another kid and it must not stand, gay or not.

So till next post, please have a safe labor day weekend and stay away from legal issues!

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