Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11: Ten Years later, Never forget!

Today is a day of testament.
Today is a time of remembrance.
Today is a time of reflection.
Today is a day that anger and vengeance has taken place.

Ten years ago, we lost too many people by terrorists who took advantage of our nation's trust of the average passenger in our airports and planes.

These terrorists had one mission on their minds: To create the biggest and most man made destruction of all time in hopes that they will be rewarded by "god in heaven" with their 72 virgins.

Their each of these groups broke into the cockpit, held the passengers hostage, and flew the 4 planes into the buildings: One each into the World Trade Center towers, and the pentagon. Only the 4th plane, which was bound for the White House, the passengers who realized what was going on, fought back bravely. The Terrorists on that plane that went down in Shanksville, PA, had realized that they were about to be captured and tortured for information. Refusing to surrender, the terrorists downed the plane into the ground to take the passengers with them to their deaths.

Some the countries in other arab world celebrated the deaths of many people. 10 years later, there is not much of a celebration as justice has struck back in their lands. Saddam Hussen, who openly praised the death of many people and the terrorists: was attacked, captured, put to trial, convicted, sentenced to death, and hung to the death.
Osama Bin Laden, the scourge of the Muslim world, had boasted for many years that he would never be caught alive because he felt his god would protect him and reward him when he dies with many virgins. How is it that Pakistan had him and never told the world?
Osama Bin Laden never saw it coming: The moment that President Obama sent in the seal troops into Pakistan on this mission, Osama Bin Laden's life was completely over. God himself had guided the seal team to kill Osama Bin Laden, capture the body, and quickly bury him in the ocean deep sea. Even our nation celebrated his death as well.

10 years later: We are stuck of high security in the way that we have to travel. Airports are a maze of security that the average traveler is often late for their flight. Some even miss it. This is the terrorists legacy that they have left on America. High Security in our nation has changed our lives.

We are free, but not so trusting as we once were.

There are many other issues that we face in our home land at the present. One of the gravest National Security concerns is illegal immigration. Many of these illegal immigrants do pose a grave threat to our country. Should an illegal immigrant do an act of terrorism in our nation, it will change all of our lives and will lead to having all of us PROVE that we are documented and legal citizens born into this free country. Many of us have asked these illegal immigrants to go home and come in the legal way. It is a safety concern for all of us.

As it is 9/11 today, we remember these people who have died this day. God will judge each person that died in the act of terror and destruction. But we are assured of one thing: the dead terrorists will not gain their promised "heaven and 72 virgins". They still sit in darkness, smoke, and fire upon them. They still remember that they recently died. They know they are fighting among some souls that are taking acts of vengeance among them. When their day of JUDGEMENT comes before the Throne of KING JESUS, they will be afraid. Some will demand for their "allah" but "allah" will not be found and they will learn to their eternal regret that they have been mis-led. Each of these terrorists will be found GUILTY and sentenced to their painful 2nd death in the Lake of Fire.

Terrorism doesn't prosper. It only gives out pain, death, changed lives, changed nations.

Today, it is time to reach out and try to save those who are bent on acts of destruction. It's time to bring justice to those that teach these acts of destruction by making false promises of rewards upon death.

It's a time for the World to recognize that terrorism has no place in the meaning of world peace.

Today, I mourn for the loss of friends and the loss of many people out there.

Since no official prayer is being said on TV and at any 9/11 remembrances, I offer one of my own for all:

God, Father in Heaven, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, we thank you for the comfort, strength, and courage you have provided to us all for many years. As we recall the powerful acts of terror, acts of vengeance and justice that our nation has done, and the recognition that too many people have died in this war on terror.
Today, on the day that sparked this war on terror, let this become a day of comfort and an end to many conflicts that happen.
Continue to send thy comforter, O Lord, to many people who still suffer the acts of terrorists. O Lord, take vengeance and justice upon those that are committed to acts of terrorism for they shall never prosper.
O Lord, we await the day when thy coming shall bring true peace upon this world and judgement to happen.
We thank thee Lord for the life you have given to us.
We praise and honor you, in the name of Jesus Christ we pray: AMEN!

Terrorists: remember this: when you die, there is no reward that awaits you. Only eternal death and Judgement is your terrible end.

9/11 must never happen again. Never again, never forget!

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