Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Would you SUE your own birth doctor?

G'day Everyone.

There is a article of a news report that a 25 year old woman is suing her birth doctor for pain inflicted upon her at birth because the doctor refused to follow her mother's request. Link:
yes it's a video, non-captioned, but has an article in it.

Here's a question for you. If your parents didn't provide you of all the medical facts of how you became deaf or disabled, it's time to find out. Birth doctors have a way with covering up their medical mistakes to stave off lawsuits and malpractice lawsuits.

When my own mom wasn't even sure of how I became deaf myself, I dug into my own medical records. Even as I requested for them, I found them "sanitized" because the hospital knows what about to happen if I were to contact a lawyer myself and sue them. My own birth doctor is already dead and in hell for his crimes (ahh, thank you God for justice), but that doesn't excuse the hospital that employed him.

Some of us have been born in the rubella age (pre (1 year before), during, and post (1 year after)). Some of us have been born of either natural medical complication or man-made caused medical complication.

Whatever it is, let us hope that a natural made complication caused by God was a result of your deafness / disability. But if it's man-made? Get a lawyer. I'm proud of this woman who refused to let this doctor get away with 25 years since her birth of his mistakes. Let's hope the court rules in her favor.

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