Tuesday, August 2, 2011

At what price has our nation achieved?

G'day Everyone.

As we sit in our chair and look at the TV in relief that Congress finally passed the Debt ceiling rate. The moments after the Bill passed the Senate floor, Congress went into a month long recess in which everyone needs a break and a chance to report back to their voters back home.

As of yet, we all ask this very question: At what price has our nation achieved in order get this political drama done? Now that we are past this, what does it mean for all of us?

Keep watching CNN because sooner or later, they will explain it all and make clear what we have gained and lost in this whole debate.

Right now, we know this debt ceiling debate will continue through 2012. We have avoided one disaster. We could another political disaster one day.

It will take time for life to return to normal in our nation. But how will all the political people fare when they meet the voters? That is a question that most of them must face in the coming weeks as November 2011 will formally kick off the year long election of the President of the United States Cycle. The bigger question is:
Can President Obama survive from November 2011 to November 2012? That will be his own challenge.

Between September and November 2011, Political ads will go up and people will look closely at how congress is made up. Who survives this coming season is any one's guess. But the political landscape is now at risk for all of the current political offices in Congress.

My suggestion to those that still have an office in DC is this: Be honest and speak clearly. You really don't have any choice for hiding the truth.

Until next post, let's hope things go quiet for a while. We still got a Summer vacation left in all of us.

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